3 Things Tidy Woman Do That Propel Their Home Based Business
three things tidy woman do that propel their home based business

Now more than ever mommas are running businesses from home, balancing mom life, work life & everything in between.  Like can we just give a shout out to the super moms doing All. The. Things!.  At times it can be completely overwhelming trying to grow a business while there are little ones under your feet, dishes to wash & a team to tackle.  Trying to stay structured to effectively work from home, but also to keep your home running smoothly so it doesn't go neglected doesn't have to be choosing one over the other.  There are a few things that tidy people naturally do that keep their spaces functional, in the end it propels their productivity & keeps the home happy.  Let's tackle what those things look like. 


No I don't not giving you permission to sleep in late.  What I do mean however is that tidy people often kick start the day with this one task in common.  You guessed it, they make their BED.  I know, what you are thinking "How does making my bed have anything to do with the success of my business?". Well it's simple, it's psychology!
  • You gain a sense of pride which always feels good. 
  • It looks better & creates a space you enjoy being in.
  • It tricks the subconscious to get in the state of flow.
  • You reduce the temptation to just grab a "few" more minutes.

Another thing tidy moms do is they stay on top of the task as they go.  Tidy people are mindful creatures that bring attention to their surroundings & doings things as they navigate the day.  Now do not get confused being a home based business momma does not mean you will become everyone's gopher.  Keep the boundary between being tidy & being the maid.
  • Create catch all bins & place them in spaces that "stuff" seems to pile up.  Sort it at the end of the day by family member so they are responsible to put away their own crap.
  • Clean up as you mess up.  Put things away as you are using are using them.  (ex: don't grab for a new cup, but rather wash one from the sink to use.  Or hang up your coat as soon as you come in to create healthy habits & eliminate extra steps later on.
  • Grab as you go.  Collect that cup from the coffee table when you get up and head to the kitchen.  Getting into this habit will have you tidying up without even realizing it.

Yes even tidy people get distracted, maybe even more since their brain likes to container things.  So bring attention to if you get lost in the tidy & waste your time doing things that were not on your original schedule.
  • Create list! Doing a weekly brain dump will be so helpful to tackle the to do list so you can stay on task and not move from thing to thing without intention.  
  • Create a routine for daily, weekly & monthly task.  This will get you into a routine & help build structure so you never feel overwhelmed by the pressures of "What will i tackle first"
  • Keep business and pleasure separate.  Have set work hours that you get in, stay focused & get out.  Setting a time will help you not go over your allotted time.  Then when it's time with your kids, be present, that means no answering that message till after your game of go fish.
  • Keep your phone down.  Easier said than done I know.  Having these little addictive devices in our hands all the time leads our attention to the notification or getting lost in the scroll.  Start by leaving your phone on do not disturb during work hours or in another room while you stay present with your kids    
The fact that you are reaching out for ways to curb the mess if the first step towards tidy so give yourself a pat on the back.  Once you start cleaning up your space & decreasing the clutter you will begin to feel the difference in your productivity & mental clarity.  You can learn to be tidy, just like you learned to ride a bike,  Stay focused, learn how to balance & never look back.

What are some ways you have learned to keep your home in tip top shape while balancing babies & a business? entrepreneur


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